Volume-1 Number-1 | 2012

Feyyat Gökçe
The Balance Between Global and Local Components İn Teacher Education: Uniformity Versus Diversity
Miriam Ben-Peretz, Gabriella Landler-Pardo, Efrat Toov Ward and Tali Aderet-German
The Paradigm Shift in Educational Sciences: New Quests and Trends
Sedat Yüksel
35 PDF
Training of Pedagogues in Russia: A Retrospective Analysis
Natalia Ryzhova
59 PDF
Feelings of Wellbeing in Adolescents: A Cross-Cultural Study of Finnish and Japanese Students
Tuula Merisuo-Storm, Soili Keskinen, Mariko Matsumoto, Kikuyo Aoki and Misuzu Nagai
81 PDF
Conceptual Framework: Vision in Action in the Model of University within School
Mustafa Özcan
107 PDF
The Initial Education of Elementary and Early Childhood Teachers in Greece: Critical Overview
Domna- Mika Kakana
133 PDF

Volume-1 Number-2 | 2012

Feyyat Gökçe
155 PDF
Introducing Questioning Techniques to Pre-Service Teachers
Yan Zhang, Patricia Patrick
159 PDF
Development of an Awareness Scale and Determination of Teacher Candidates’ Awareness
Ezgi Güven, Mustafa Aydoğdu
185 PDF
Wide-Scale Educational Reform in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: What Do the Teacher Training Students Think?
Martina Dickson
203 PDF
Metaphoric Perception of Principals in Primary Schools
Mikail Yalçın, Aysun Erginer
229 PDF
Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Conceptions of Scientific Method
Pınar Seda Çetin
257 PDF
Examining the Burn-Out Level of Special Education Teachers Working with Disabled Individuals
Feyzullah Şahin, Dilek Şahin
275 PDF